Highly-available audio in HDFS

Here on the HDFS team at Cloudera, we believe in eating our own dogfood. Since we value our (substantial) MP3 collections quite dearly, it’s only natural to store them in a high performance, highly-available, enterprise-quality distributed filesystem like HDFS. Today, I’m announcing the next generation in aural HDFS enjoyment: listening to music directly from the Namenode web UI.

It’s easy to use existing music players with HDFS through FUSE-DFS or Cloudera’s NFS proxy, but what if you want a zero-configuration way of listening to your tunes now? This is the goal of my new pet project, hdfs-player.js:

Source code

Bookmarklet maker

Copy paste the source code into the bookmarklet maker, drag the bookmarklet into your toolbar, browse to the directory containing your music in the web UI, and prepare for excitement. Transform this boring old web UI:


Into the spectacular this:

Use Chrome for MP3 playback, FF only supports Ogg and wav.

Happy listening, everyone!

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